Links to Australian and other web sites that might help in your M’Millan research.


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Public Record Office Victoria; State Archives
Includes shipping records

New South Wales; State records
Includes shipping records

National Archives of Australia

Australian War Memorial

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Australian Returned & Services League

Victorian R. S. L.

W.A. State Records Office

Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS)

Perth Dead Persons’ Society

Australasia Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange


Archives Office of Tasmania
Tasmanian Archives Online database

Queensland State Archives

South Australian Archives

Australian Capital Territory Records Office

Northern Territory Archives

Victorian Place Name Abbreviations

Australian Telephone Listings

Archives of New Zealand

National Archives of England, Wales and the United Kingdom

National Archives of Scotland

B.D.M. Scotland

Scottish People

Scots Origins IGI search

Brian Keddy’s Highland and Ireland Emigration Scheme

If this link is broken, inputting;
Highland and Ireland Emigration Scheme
in your search
engine should bring up the cashed page

Scottish Will’s

Genuki Scotland

Argyll and the Isles in the West of Scotland

National Archives of Ireland

Public Records Office of Northern Ireland

Archives Canada

National Archives of Singapore

United States National Archives and Records

German Genealogy (you need to speak the language)

Scots Free Census site (Rootsweb)

Latter Day Saints

Cyndis List of Lists

Electric Scotland

Clan DUNCAN Society

The Scottish Banner Newspaper

The world’s largest international Scottish newspaper. For over three decades uniting Scots around the world.

Scotster’s keeps you in touch with friends and family throughout the year


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