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MCMILLAN Alexander Scotland Hannah Barbara Alexander (Alex) b.Scotland. d.Melbourne East. VIC. Arrived in Sydney in 1884 on the Stirlingshire age 23
MCMILLAN Christy Isle of Skye Malcolm MACLEOD Noni William b. c1796 and Donald b. c1799.
MCMILLAN Samuel IRE/SCT VIC AUS Janet CLARK Thomas Margaret MACLURE Noelene Letitia, Thomas, Janet, Samuel, James and Mary
MCMULLEN William SCT WA AUS Mary Ann DINSDALE James John Alfred Houstin, James Henry,
Janet Elizabeth, William Edward, Agnes and George Thomas
MCMILLAN Malcolm SCT INV SCT Catharine McQUEEN WEB Mary, Angus, Donald, Christie, Rachel, Duncan
MCMILLAN Archibald ARL SCT VIC AUS Flora MCMILLAN MCMILLAN Kay Isabella, William Ewen, John Ewen, Mary & Jessie
John Angus, Hector, Charles Alexander, Archibald John, Murdoch Alexander, David, Angus John, Margaret Ann & Flora Ann
MACMILLAN Daniel ? NSW AUS Ann ? ? Larri John, James, Isabella, Annie, Jannet Jameson, Daniel & Thomas
MCMILLEN Hamilton IRE VIC AUS Mary BOYCE Nathaniel Agnes McLEOD Irene   Web Letitia, Hamilton, James A., John, Robert, etc.
MCMILLEN James SCT VIC AUS Elizabeth FITZPATRICK William Mary Jane KEARNS? Kaye  Web Sarah, Stephen (John), Robert, William, Thomas, Annie & Elizabeth
MACMILLEN James ? NSW AUS Isabella McLENNAN Daniel Ann Larri William H, John, Francis James, Catherine, Thomas, Alfred H, Marion & Alexander.
MCMILLEN John SCT SCT Margaret HEWET/HOWAT uk uk Peter John, William, Edward, Isabella, Robert
MCMILLAN John Archibold VIC AUS VIC AUS Janettie GUNN Robert Neil Christina WYLD Don Edith Christina Gunn McMillan married James Frederick Christoe
MCMILLAN Robert SCT NSW AUS Mary J. DALTON Thomas Catherine GREY Janice Thomas, Robert, Matthew, Mary, Isabella, Alexander Joseph and Donald.
MCMILLAN Robert James VIC AUS VIC AUS Bridget GUTHRIE Robert James Eliz. FITZPATRICK Kaye  Web 13 childern, Dean/Bunyip


Christy Macmillan (b. about c 1760) married Malcolm Macleod about c 1790.  They had at least 2 sons, William
Macleod b. c1796 and Donald Macleod b. c1799.
Donald Macleod and his wife Ann nee MacDonald migrated to Australia with their children on the Midlothian from the Isle of Skye
and arrived into Sydney on the 12th Dec. 1837.
The family settled around the lower Manning, NSW and later moved to Timonee near Taree in NSW.  Donald Macloud died in 1851 at Timonee.
Also on the Midlothian were Donald McMillan, 29 years, Stockman, with his wife Janet Macdonald, 26 years, with sons Duncan 5 years
and Alexander 3 years. Travelling with them was Donald’s unmarried sister, Mary McMillan, 24 years, Country Servant.
It is very possible the above family are related to Kenneth (and my MacMillan family) as in July 1869 William Macleod wrote
from Monkstadt Kilmuir SCT to his brother’s wife Ann and said that Kenneth Macmillian son of
Angus Macmillan of Connista
is bringing his letter ” to where his brothers Donald and Alex and his brothers is”
and we think the Kenneth below who travelled in 1869 would be that person, thus also related.

MCMILLAN   MARGARET 36 LA HOGUE 1869 SYDNEY & FAMILY Reel 2140, [4/4789]; Reel 2486, [4/4994]
MCMILLAN KENNETH 31 LA HOGUE 1869 SYDNEY & FAMILY Reel 2140, [4/4789]; Reel 2486, [4/4994]
MCMILLAN ALEXANDER 7 LA HOGUE 1869 SYDNEY & FAMILY Reel 2140, [4/4789]; Reel 2486, [4/4994]
MCMILLAN MARY 3 LA HOGUE 1869 SYDNEY & FAMILY Reel 2140, [4/4789]; Reel 2486, [4/4994]
MCMILLAN MARION 1 LA HOGUE 1869 SYDNEY & FAMILY Reel 2140, [4/4789]; Reel 2486, [4/4994]

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McMillan, Samuel (1859 – 1931)
Samuel McMillan was born in Londonderry, Ireland around 1801 and died in Victoria in 1875 aged approx 74 years old.
He married Janet Clark in Kilmarnock, SCT 1831.
Janet was born in Ayreshire, Scotland, in 1808 and died at Mansfield, Victoria in 1898 aged 90.
In 1840 the couple with their 3 children, Letitia, Thomas and
Janet travelled to Australia aboard the ‘Perfect’. After arriving in Australia they had three more children, Samuel born 1841~died in Wandin North in 1924 aged 83, James born 1844 and Mary born 1847.
My line is Letitia McMillan who was born in Kilmarnock, 1837.


McMILLAN, SAMUEL (1859-1931), Coachmaker, wheelwright, blacksmith and inventor, was born on 12 December 1859 at Mansfield, Victoria, eldest son of Thomas McMillan, farmer, and his wife Margaret, née Maclure; his grandparents Samuel and Janette McMillan had migrated to Victoria from Scotland in 1840 and eventually acquired the Logan Falls farm near Mansfield. The young Samuel attended Mansfield Common School which his father, determined that his children should have the schooling which he himself had been denied, had helped to establish. A bright, inventive boy, Samuel used his spare time making tools and toys and, noting this, his father apprenticed him to William Carey, a skilled local blacksmith and coachbuilder; he continued his training under Michael Ridge of Jamieson and at Johnstone’s Foundry, Melbourne, where he perfected his skill as a wheelwright.

Returning to Mansfield, McMillan joined William Rundel, blacksmith, wheelwright and coachbuilder, in his business. The pair built a splendid reputation, winning over one hundred awards at country and town shows in Victoria. They early used a four-horse-power steam engine to increase production and they employed an artist, named Wells, to decorate their coaches, buggies and jinkers. When Rundel retired McMillan continued the business with increasing success.

He put his inventive ability to good purpose. Where the window-light was strongest in his big smithy in High Street, he set up a large blackboard and on this drew designs of possible inventions to the interest of customers, passers-by and children going home from school. He invented a rabbit-poisoning machine known as ‘The Ringer’ which, though difficult to use in the hilly country of Mansfield, was most successful in New South Wales and Western Australia. In 1885 McMillan became the first Mansfield exporter when the machine was sold in the United States of America. He patented a self-closing spring gate fastener and designed an improved clothes peg. In later years he spent much time designing an aeroplane. He was one of the first in Mansfield to fly as a passenger over Mount Buller; he was also one of the first to own and drive a motor car, an early model known as ‘The Little’.

McMillan lent generous support to many public activities and despite increasing deafness never lost interest in his town. He was a member of the Mansfield Hospital committee and a commissioner of the waterworks trust. He was a Freemason and Oddfellow and won many competitions with the Mansfield Gun Club. A skilled horseman, he was famed for his fast but safe driving of his four-in-hand team. He was unmarried. He suffered from diabetes and died at Mansfield on 22 March 1931 and was buried in the local cemetery. No man, it was said, had more true friends. Years before, at a dinner given by the people of Mansfield to honour McMillan, the chairman in proposing the toast had declaimed, ‘Longfellow wrote that men do not go to Paradise in coaches but I’d be proud to go in one of Sam’s!’

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Daniel MacMILLAN, came out of the Wanata sept 1864 with 5 of his 7 children. Isabella, Annie, Jannet Jameson, Daniel & Thomas after his wife Ann passed away.
His other 2 sons, John & James had come out previously in dec 1854 on the ‘St Helena’ and settled in the Richmond River area in NSW.
James Macmillan married Isabella McLennan in 1864. They had 8 children William H, John, Francis James, Catherine, Thomas Alfred H, Marion (TBC) & Alexander.
Alexander McMillan married Wilhelmina Wrightson, in 1894. Children John, James & Mary. James married Margaret Lithgow in 1932.

Contact Larri

 Alexander MacMillan            Wm. Henry Hughes and Catherine nee MacMillan

Robert McMillan married Mary Jane Dalton at Goulburn NSW in 1866. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland abt 1838 and died in Burwood, NSW in 1905.
According to his Death Certificate his father’s name was Thomas and mother’s name Catherine Grey.
Robert & Mary had nine children – seven still living in 1905 Thomas, Robert, Matthew, Mary, Isabella, Alexander Joseph and Donald.
Alexander Joseph had 4 sons – Donald,Alexander, John (known as Jack) and Gordan. Alexander’s wife Elsie May Kew died in 1824.
I would be happy to communicate with family or anyone who may have some information to help me.
I have been unable to trace either parent and cannot find Robert’s arrival in Australia.
Contact Janice Burrows

McMILLAN Charles m Jane Russell in VIC 1856
Charles was the son of Charles McMillan and Elizabeth McKechnie of Argyllshire; he married Jane Russell in Victoria AUS in 1856; and he
died in Lubeck VIC 1897, aged 65y
Jane Russell was from Glasgow, she was the daughter of John Russell & Jane Wotherspoon and died in VIC 1928, aged 88y

Taken from Victoria and Its Metropolis: Past and Present; page 114
M’Millan, Charles, (of) Lubeck, is a native of Argyllshire, Scotland, who came to this colony at twenty years of age.
When he landed he started work in a quarry, and afterwards on the Yarra lighters.
He then proceeded to the Ballarat gold fields, and stayed there for two or three years, doing well.
He next went to Carngham, and remained there five years, with an interval of six months, during; which he visited New Zealand.
Buying a piece of land at Stockyard Hill, he went into farming there for nine or ten years,
meeting with fair success, bur sold out, and went to the Wimmera. selected 300 acres in the parish of Ashens,
and farmed it successfully. He also holds, through his wife, ninety acres, and runs thirty head of cattle and 400 sheep.
In 1887 he cropped 100 acres. End.

A family tale has it that Charles arrived into Australia with his sisters Elizabeth & Janet about 1850.
The captain was supposedly John Russell, Jane’s father.
Charles was 20y, Elizabeth 19y, and Janet 17y. No trace has been found of his sisters.
If you can help shed some light on the name of the ship the family arrived on and any information regarding the sisters I hope you will
contact Mrs Valmae McMillan Box 6, Nandaly, VIC 3533

McMILLAN Archibald m Flora McMILLAN in 1826, Kilmallie, Argyle, Scotland.
Archibald arrived in Victoria, Australia as a widower on the Ship “Genghis Khan” in 1853 with his 5 children; Isabella,
William Ewen, John Ewen, Mary and Jessie. Archibald was first married in the town of Camaghael, Kilmallie,
Scotland in 1826 and all the children were born in that town. Archibald married for a second time in Australia
or New Zealand (cannot find record). His children married and died as follows: Isabella McMillan b 1827 Kilmallie,
married Joseph GRAY on 4 December, 1856 at Bushy Creek, Vic and had 8 children, and died on 14 January 1897 in Stawell, Vic.
John McMillan b 1838 Kilmallie married Teressa BRIDGEMAN in 1881 in Vic, died on 10 February 1902 in Hay,
NSW and did not have any children. Mary McMillan b 1841 Kilmallie, did not marry and died 20 October 1928,
Surry Hills, Vic. Jessie McMillan b 1843 Kilmallie, married John SAMSON on 19 November 1860 in Hexham,
Vic and had 12 children, and died on 14 July 1922 in Brighton, Vic. Looking for what happened to son William,
b 1836 Kilmallie, and for the deaths of Archibald, born about 1800 in Kilmallie, and his second wife Ann.
Contact Kay Morris

McMILLAN Sgt Major WILLIAM. Born in Madras, India 1866, William with his wife Emily and their 8 children sailed
to Australia on the S.S. Demosthenes in 1912. The children were William, James, Janet, May, Robert, David, Emily
and Alfred.
James Frederick was born in 1894 in Woolwich, England. After arriving with his family in 1912 he went back overseas in WW1.
He fought in Gallipoli, France and England. This was where he met and married his wife Elsie Kate GRANT They returned to Australia
abt 1918
For information on this family contact Judie MacMillan

McMILLAN JOHN married Catherine GILLIESin Scotland. Their son
HUGH McMILLAN was born in Inverness Scotland and married Mary McDONALD
daughter of Donald and Catherine McDonald.
Hugh and Catherine McMillan came to Australia in 1852. They had 8 children:
Angus, Mary, Duncan, John, Catherine, Donald, Ronald (my great grandfather) & Anne. RONALD McMILLAN
married Elizabeth McDIARMID
and they had 16 children: Isabella, John, Elizabeth, Donald, Hugh, Duncan,
(my grandfather) Donald, Angus, Mary, Christina, Harriet, Ronald, Hugh, Annie, Robert & Robina. I have information on John,
Duncan and Angus. DUNCAN married Ellen Maud WALE: their children being, Ronald, Robert,
John (Jack), Duncan, Earnest (my father), Nellie and Arthur. I would like to make contact with other family members.

Contact Kaelene Blake

McMILLAN (Mcmillen) Robert James m Elizabeth FITZPATRICK , about 1858 in Victoria.
The couple first lived in the Kyneton/Woodend area before settling in the district around Bungaree,
notably Clarkes Hill – Dean. Known more often as James, Robert’s parents were listed on his death certificate as William
McMillan and Mary Jane Kearns.
His birth place as DUNDEE, with 31 years in Australia. I have never been able to find any
information on William and Mary. My family line follows the son Robert James who married Bridget GUTHRIE.
(After James’s death, Bridget’s father, Patrick, married Elizabeth). Associated Family Names include : Guthrie,
Danson, Bray, Keating, Campbell,
MacDonald, Connell, Ainger, Bennet, Lingenberg, Henderson, Murdock, Nagel, Sedman, etc.

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Hamilton Mc MILLAN, (possibly Robert Hamilton) born 1830 Grey Abbey, Newtonards, Co. Down to Nathaniel McMILLAN and Agnes McLEOD
married four times, but only
(?BOYES) bore him any children. He was 21 yrs old when he brought Mary and a six-weeks-old daughter,
Letitia, to Australia on the ‘Marion Moore’ in 1853. The family settled around Chewton, Victoria. Letitia was the only girl
in twelve children and is my husband’s great grandmother.
Contact Irene Rees

Daniel McMILLAN married Marion Sellers/Sillars, in Stevenson at the turn of the 19th century
Of their children, Daniel, John, Archibald, Flora, Elizabeth and Peter,
Daniel married Janet

in Kilwinning, 1821. Their son
David McMillan married Jane McKean
in 1864 at Happy Valley, he was born 1839 in Dalry Ayrshire.
David’s known siblings are William, Robert and Daniel.
David, William and Daniel immigrated to Australia, though at different times. Still looking for Robert.

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Archibald McMillan and Katherine McTaggert
were a Kintyre family who moved from
Clonaig to Australia with their ten children. Their daughter, Christina’s story is here.

James was the youngest son of
Alexander McMillan and Ann McLean,

born on the 25th March in Corpach…… His story is here


Donald McMillan, son of Duncan McMillan and Catherine McKenzie.
was my Great Great Grandfather, if you have a connection with this family please get in touch.

Donald McMillan, 29 years, Stockman, with his wife Janet Macdonald, 26 years, sons Duncan 5 years and Alexander 3 years. Donald’s unmarried sister, Mary McMillan, 24 years, Country Servant.
All born Isle of Skye Scotland. Arrived into Sydney, 12 December, 1837. They were followed to Sydney by Donald and Mary’s siblings – all then unmarried:
Mary, Catherine, Flora and two brothers both named John McMillan who arrived into Sydney 21 February 1840 via HENRY PORCHER
Contact: Evelyn Smith

Robert John McMILLAN of the Reedbeds (Hindmarsh) married Emily BEALE and had
a daughter Mavis Annie McMILLAN (b. 5/5/05) who went on to marry Kenneth LEANE (m.
28/1/33). Emily’s sister Elizabeth married Charles James STANFORD (m.
6/6/1889) and had a son, Reginald (b 5/7/1889). If you have a connection to these families please contact Guy

William John McMullin was born 1852 in County Down, Ireland. He died 20 Aug 1909 in
Stawell and is buried there.

He married Jane CAMERON aka Margaret.

William was a councillor from 1892 till his death? Mayor in 1897 -98.
He was also Elder of the Presbyterian church, President of the School of
Mines and Past Hospital President.

His headstone reads ” Erected by the citizens of Stawell and District in
memory of Councillor W J McMullin”

Does anyone have connections to this family or know anything more about

Other names that connect : GRAY, NETTLE, DARBY
Contact: Dale

John McMillan born 1806 in Lanarkshire Scotland died 1856 SCT was a cotton weaver. He married Margaret HEWAT/HOWAT in Barony,
Glasgow on the 30th January 1822. They had 5 children, 4 of whom migrated to Australia.

John McMillan born 1828 in Glasgow died 1891 NSW. He married Janet PHILLIPS

William McMillan, born 1830 in Glasgow died 1890 Sydney AUS. He migrated to AUS in 1849 via the VIC goldfields and owned a number of Hotels in Sydney NSW.

He married (1) Catherine GALLAGHER He married (2) Ellen RYAN Children (1) William & Charles Francis (2) Arthur Ernest, John,
Catherine Mary, Alfred William & Robert Joseph.

Edward McMillan, born 1832 Glasgow, died 1872 NSW. He married Jane BRYANS. Children, William Edward, James, Mary, John & Annabella

Isabella McMillan born 1835 Glasgow, died 1823 NSW. She married Robert MITCHELL. Children James, Margaret Mary, Helen Thompson, Robert William, Catherine Isabella,
John E. Dunmore Lang, Jessie, Ada Matilda, Edward Alexander & Eleanor Lillian.
Contact Peter & Diane Whitehead: 46 Overland Road, Frankston 3199

John MacMillan’s Family History Archive’s
John lives in the UK.